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Working out with a hangover? Here's why, and how!

You’ve woken up, head pounding, mouth dry… You’ve probably got a half-eaten pizza, some cheesy fries and the smell of last night’s sins oozing from you. How the heck are you going to overcome this one… You’re probably “never drinking again”, right?

We’ve all been there.

There are many ‘cures’ for hang overs. but lets face it, most ‘cures’ are myths; you’re dehydrated and you’ve got toxins in your body. Let’s flush it all out. Next stop, Santino’s!


Food, carbohydrates, eggs, bananas and plenty of water. If you’re even relatively gym conscious this shouldn’t be a problem.

Congratulations, you’re well on your way to fighting the hangover, and getting in your well needed workout. Remember, water, water, water – you’re dehydrated and you need help that food go down.


When consumed, alcohol slows your brain. Endorphins (those feel good hormones) aren’t being released as they normally should, which partly, explains why you’re feeling a bit under the weather.

As soon as you start exercising, endorphins are released, helping you to pick up your mood and aid recovery.

But what? (Take it easy!)

Let’s be real, you’re not going to be running a marathon. Let’s take it easy, too much exercise could accentuate your nausea. Let’s look for some intensity methods and exercises to restore your mood (and not make you sick). Perhaps we could use this opportunity to do some things you don’t ‘normally’ do?


Dumbbell pullovers, chest day? Back day? Leg day? No one knows where to put it. I believe an exercise which utilises such a wide amount of your body sits perfectly on HANGOVER DAY!

make sure you keep posted, I’m uploading a quick VLOG Showing you exactly how to do the dumbbell pullover, plus some other essential tips, all in Kim’s Corner very soon!

in the meantime. why don't you download a free pass and come on down and say hi?!

p.s. drink responsibly + train intensley!

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