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The Studio@ santino's

derby academy school of classical dance & Performing artistry


With Marija Bogdan (Imperial Society of Dance)

from 28th February


Grade 6 - 16.30-17.15

Intermediate - 17.17-18.00


Grade 2 - 17.30-18.15



Intermediate - 9.00-10.00

National Theatrical Dance10.00-11.00

Grade 6 - 11.00-12.00

Baby ballet on Saturday 1210-1245

Derby Academy School of Classical Dance and Performing Artistry was founded over 55 years ago at Mill Studio in Derby and was opened by late Mrs Eve Leveaux, holder of Maestro Cecchetti Diploma.


We are ISTD approved and follow the Cecchetti ballet syllabus and also do Theatrical National dance lessons.

Lessons are syllabus based and we are preparing students for the exam. This includes learning different ballet movements and sequences on a classical music. Also students are learning methodology and mastering use of different ballet combinations. They perform bare work, centre practice , includes adagio , allegro and post work. 

On Saturday we have Theatrical National dance from 1000-1100. In this students learn different national dance elements and sequences , conducted in different choreographies that will be performed solo or in pair.


For this lesson we are following ARBTA syllabus -Association of Russian ballet and Theatre Arts. Students are also preparing for the exams and also for the performances. 

Monday evenings 6pm-6.45pm (£6) with Tash

Pilates is a great choice of class whether you're absolutely new to the gym or an experienced lifter. This is because a good Pilates class should always come with a range of options and variations for movements in every class. This means that you can pick and choose how difficult the class is for you. With an emphasis on core strength and basic movement patterns this class is a great accompaniment to a strength training or cardio routine as it builds the abs and improves full body strength. 

Santino's Pilates classes with PT Tash are taught in a relaxed, atmospheric room with a small group of friendly people and are intended to build balance, strength and confidence. 

To book your space contact Tash on 07377555377


FREE abs class*

Monday evenings 6.45pm-7.15pm (£5) with Tash

(SPECIAL OFFER - £10 for Pilates+Abs)

Anyone who is truly looking to take their core strength and stability to the next level should be interested in this class. 

It is a short sharp blast of ab exercises intended to compliment an already well-rounded gym routine. 

The class will provide some easier and more challenging options, but be prepared for that mid section to burn! 

*abs class is free for members!!   

To book your space contact Tash on 07377555277


Burlesque Chair Dance


Burlesque Chair Dance with Instructor, Denise Randle

Returning soon

We welcome ladies of all ages, shapes and sizes. 16+ only please (or you will need to be accompanied by someone 18+) Please wear leggings/shorts and a T-shirt/top....whatever you are comfortable in.  NO HEELS in The Studio please.

£5 per class    Call 07846 023616 to enquire 


boxing studio


Dan Grey's BoxClever Boxing Club

KIDS (£3)



£30 for the month by direct debit (includes all box clever classes)

No need to book!

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