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9-5 Fitness. Working, studying and staying fit.

61.7% of British adults are overweight. Specifically 65% all men and 58% of all women. It's now normal to be out of shape....

In England, the prevalence of obesity in adults has risen from 15% to 27% in just 11 years.

This combined with a 72% employment rate (the joint highest since records began in 1971), AND 23.1 million of these people working Full Time, means more and more time is being spent sat on our asses!

This isn't a workout plan, nor a nutrition guide - This is 5 easy tips to avoid office, or classroom, weight gain.


Just stop it. We are surrounded my coffee shop treats, cakes from someones birthday, cans of sugar and sweets from the guy sitting next to you... Does "Just one more" ring a bell? With around 70 calories per biscuit and 140 in a can of fizz, that's a whole lb of fat you've packed on in just 17 days.

Yes you may substitute for healthier alternatives, but excess calories is excess calories. Stick to your meals and save your treats for the weekend What's more important, the biscuit you've wanted for 5 minutes or the body you've wanted for a life time? #cringe


The laws of thermogenesis state in order to gain weight input must be greater than output. So we've got to ensure that we expend more calories than we eat. Of course your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) can be around 1800-2400 calories just by living, breathing, talking and ironically processing more food, however we can increase this output by moving. Every bit of movement burns calories.

I'm not saying go for a run at lunch, but get up and move every hour. Go for a 15 minute walk between lectures, over the course of a week this adds up!


No, not 2KG's of chicken and 10 tubs of brown rice. However, take your food in with you when possible. This way you know exactly what you're eating, you'll save money and it reverts ownership to you. Take control of what you put in your body. Think chicken wraps with low fat mayo, salads, burrito bowls (with lean meat), or even push the boat out with chicken and rice.

Canteen food is usually ridden with oil and fats. Every 1 gram of fat has 9 calories as opposed to carbohydrates with a mild 4.


Of course, we like crap food and sometimes it's the only thing accessible. Healthier substitutes are usually available and they definitely help preserve excess and unnecessary caloric intake.

Crips - Baked alternatives/ Skinny Popcorn (100 calories saved)

Chocolate - Go for smaller bars/Maltesers (50-75 calories saved)

Fizzy Pop - Diet (140 calories saved)

Coffee/Tea - Avoid latte's and cappuccinos and stick to water based, also use sweeteners (100-200 calories saved)

The NHS have published a pretty good Healthy food swap list


Over half your body is made of water and it is therefore essential for mental and physical performance. Being dehydrated can add to tiredness, poor skin, fatigue, lack of concentration and the illusion of hunger.

Most of the time you think you're hungry, you're just thirsty. Make sure that before you eat, you chug some water just to really make sure that the calories you're about to consume, you actually need.

And there you have it! Just some easy, life-hacks you can adopt to help get your fitness lifestyle back on track!

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