....has many many years of experience in the fitness and bodybuilding industry!

Kim's Titles:

Mr Universe IBFA 2019

Mr Britain IBFA 2019

Mr World Master's IBFA 2017

Mr England Master's IBFA 2017

Personal Trainer (over 30yrs experience)

3rd Dan Black Belt, Wado-Ryu

Mr Spain, WABBA, 2001

Mr Britain, WABBA, 1996

Mr Derbyshire, NABBA, 1992

too many to list!


As a personal trainer at his previous gym, Central Gym in Derby, Noo Noo Seronto's gym in Tenerife and currently at Santino's Gym in Derby, he has helped many people achieve their goals!  He knows what it takes to change your life (health, fitness, sleep, nutrition, well-being, self-confidence, self-esteem, physique) It just takes a bit of hard work and commitment from you too!


Kim is passionate about seeing changes in others.  He firmly believes that ANYONE can achieve their goals if they believe in themselves and commit 100%

...and Kim is 60 years old in 2019! 


If Kim can do it so can you!!!