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Ready for PT Sessions with Kim Santino?

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or ring Kim on 07890455828 

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Functional and Fit
Personal Trainers: Steve and Tash

TASH (Santino's female PT)

• Understands the relationship between positive mental health and a positive gym routine

• Nutritionist providing help and advice on diet as well as exercise 

• Specialises in mastering gym confidence, healthy nutrition, weight loss and body toning! 

• 4+ years of industry experience 

• Pilates instructor with regular classes in The Studio at Santino's Gym (1st floor)

"When it comes to working out, anything you can do is better than doing nothing. Just getting

into the gym can be hard, and knowing where to start and how to stay on track can be outright

overwhelming! My personal goal is to show everyone that they are so much more capable than they think, and that everyone deserves to feel confident and comfortable in the gym. As someone who spent a long time struggling with their mental health, it is so important for me to help others to feel the same empowerment, as well as mental and physical changes that a great workout and nutrition routine can bring!


People who train with me can expect;

- getting to know me and me getting to know you! 

- getting confident and comfortable in the gym space before any hard work begins (whether this takes one session or a year)!

- understanding both exercise and nutrition and how they can help you achieve your fitness goals 

- focusing on any goals you have, whether they are strength, weight loss, confidence or muscle building related!

- Sessions which are affordable and accessible!

Working with the comfortable, friendly and relaxed atmosphere of Santino's, I'm confident that any goal you have we can achieve together! 


Individual sessions are priced at £30 per hour, but bulk rates and concessions are available on enquiry. For more information or to book a chat with me message me on 07377555277, or follow me on my Instagram at @tashmoneypt."


STEVE (Santino's male PT)

• Has an MMA, military and muscle building background 

• Over 10 years of industry experience 

• Specialises in building mass, burning fat and pushing people past ANY fitness plateau (whether beginner or experienced lifter)! 

• Sports massage & soft tissue therapist, MET and rehabilitation specialist, human movement specialist. 


"Hi I'm Steve, the best thing about fitness is that it doesn't matter how long you have been training, there is always so much new to learn. There is always the ability to get stronger, faster and more confident, but most people just need help pushing their limits. 

My personal goal is to help everyone reach their maximal potential- whether that's to optimise their training, diet or get shredded and strong! Whether you're brand new to fitness, struggling with motivation or out with an injury,

or maybe you're just looking to elevate your physique. I'm here to help.


People who train with me can expect;

- Understanding how to build strength and muscle specific for your body

- Understanding your physiology and how to optimise movement, recovery and training for YOU

- Pushing you to achieve new goals you didn't think were possible 

- Total gym confidence and understanding of how to nourish your body to achieve any goal 

- Extensive knowledge of injury rehabilitation and various therapies to help fix any aches, pains or general barriers to your fitness goals that you may have. 


I offer sessions in blocks at a discounted rate, but my standard rate is £30 per hour. If you are interest, have any questions or would like to know bulk prices please message me on 074625377462, or contact me via the Functional & Fit Training Instagram or Facebook profiles."

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